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Botox Cosmetic: Nurse or Physician Inject?

Should I go to a nurse or doctor for Botox treatment? Botox Cosmetic is not one treatment, but a collection of potential treatments. Botox Cosmetic may be applied in specific ways to achieve certain results for facial rejuvenation. Anyone who has received extensive training may inject Botox Cosmetic, physicians or nurses. Plastic surgeons or dermatologists are not the only ones able to provide treatment. Your child’s pediatrician could give Botox too. Laws vary by state. Ultimately, it comes down to the injector’s experience and training. Even the best injectors may get less than optimal results.

Botox Cosmetic: Weak Smile & Droopy eyes

Why do I have weakened smile and droopy eyelid after Botox Cosmetic? Botox Cosmetic may partially migrate & affect other facial muscles which were not originally intended. Normally, small doses of northern Virginia Botox Cosmetic are injected at very specific sites to affect specific muscles to improve facial wrinkles for . Occasionally, Botox Cosmetic moves a bit away from the original injection site and weakens other facial muscles. Most commonly the upper eyelid becomes droopy after Maryland Botox injections performed in between the eyebrows or Crow’s feet. Crow’s feet Botox treatment may also affect the smile & upper lip movement … Continue reading »

Face Lift: Recovery Time?

How long is recovery after face lift surgery? No one wants to look as if they have had cosmetic surgery, and no one wants a long recovery period after plastic surgery. Fortunately, modern face lift surgery may get you natural results without the prolonged healing period. Face lift recovery varies on the specific type of face lift you had and your body’s natural healing ability. Minimally invasive face lifts (mini lifts, short scar, or minimal access) usually have a faster recovery time than traditional facelifts or full face lifts. Generally speaking, most swelling and bruising after facial cosmetic surgery (mini … Continue reading »

Chemical Peel: Spa or Physician Office?

Where should I get a chemical peel? Some patients are confused by skin care peels. Salons and medical spas are offering chemical peels, in addition to other non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox Cosmetic or injectable fillers (collagen & hyaluronic acid). Generally, very superficial skin treatments such as fruit peels or microdermabrasion may be performed by anyone (physician, nurse, aesthetician, etc). Some companies sell such peel kits for home use by patients themselves. Aesthetic results from a chemical peel are primarily dependent on depth of peel, chemical agent & concentration (TCA, Jessner’s, glycolic acid, etc), and your skin quality (thick/thin, … Continue reading »

Rhinoplasty: Bump on Top

What is this bump on top of my nose? Bumps on the top of the nose are a common reason patients seek rhinoplasty. Most nasal bumps are natural and develop as we age, while fewer are do to trauma or injuries. Nasal bumps come in various sizes & shapes. Bumps are commonly made of both bone and cartilage. Rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) is the best long-term method to reduce or remove a bump. Sometimes, temporary injections of material into the area may help camouflage the bump. Once you are ready for nasal surgery, speak with a specialist who can perform … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.