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Botox Cosmetic: Myth #1

I’ll be debunking myths of the various cosmetic procedures. Today, we’ll start with the most common non-surgical aesthetic procedure, Botox Cosmetic. Myth #1: Botox is a poison and causes botulism Fact: Botox is not a poison. Botulism is from a foodborne bacteria. Botox cosmetic is a medically purified protein, which can only be prescribed by a physician. Botox is safe, and has been used for over 16 years to treat a variety of medical conditions.

Cosmetic Surgery Statistics

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery has released its 2006 Consumer survey. While only 6% of the population have had plastic surgery, nearly 20% aspires to some form of cosmetic surgery in their lifetime. Nearly 50% of people would choose having aesthetic surgery over a new car or vacation. Cosmetic surgery is not only for women. More men are having cosmetic procedures, currently up to 12% of all men. Which celebrity has the most desirable eyes? Jennifer Aniston. Previously, Catherine Zeta-Jones had the most requested eyes for blepharoplasty.


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