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Saline Neti Pot Rinse for Nasal Congestion

Great article in CNN today on the benefits of saline nasal rinses. I tell every patient prior to and after cosmetic nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) to use nasal saline rinses. Saline rinses helps clear dust, pollen, and mucous from the nose and sinuses. Washington DC and northern Virginia patients suffer from terrible allergies. Saline rinses help Maryland deviated nasal septum, seasonal allergies, and hayfever patients. After surgery on the nose or sinuses, saline rinses help to reduce internal swelling and to keep the nasal cavity clean & moist.

Combine Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Many northern Virginia cosmetic surgery patients ask if they should combine plastic surgery procedures. While each individual has a unique treatment plan, it is usually preferred to combine procedures up to a point. The decision to combine procedures is a balance of many factors, and too many or too extensive procedures may contribute to other issues. The first advantage of combining surgery is that insurance may cover a portion of the procedure, and one may save money on plastic surgery fees. Secondly, tissue modified from one area of the body may be used for another surgical area, such as liposuction … Continue reading »

Botox Cosmetic: Touchup

Botox Cosmetic is a very popular non-surgical method for reducing facial wrinkles. Most patients have minimal discomfort with treatment. Results are are most evident by 2 weeks after treatment, but may be visible as early as a few days. Plastic surgeons may provide touch up Botox Cosmetic to their aesthetic patients. Touch ups are provided at 2 weeks or later. Any touch ups cosmetic treatment earlier than 2 weeks is generally inappropriate, as sufficient time has not been given for the first treatment to fully work.

Fat Injection after Facial Injectable Filler

Can I get fat injection after already having an injectable filler, such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse? Yes. Fat, taken from your own body, is a natural alternative to injectable fillers. It largely depends on where you were treated with the original facial filler, and where you are considering facial enhancement with fat grafting. Generally, if you are considering adding more volume or filling wrinkles in the same area as a prior injectable filler, it’s better to wait until the first treatment if complete. Depending on the original filler, the waiting time may range from several months to over a … Continue reading »

Deviated Septum Surgery presentation

I gave a Deviated Septum & Rhinoplasty presentation to the DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia community last night at George Washington University. It was a great turn out with lots of good questions from the audience!

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.