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Plastic Surgery: Numbness or Tightness after a Face Lift?

Maryland face lift patients may experience of variety of skin sensations immediately following their cosmetic surgery. A face lift procedure involves improving the appearance of the lower face, jaw line, and neck via small incisions around the ears, in order to elevate sagging skin & underlying facial tissue. While many other non-surgical cosmetic options are available to improve the lower facial area, face lift surgery can have dramatic results to greatly restore the appearance of youth. Regardless of specific facelift surgery technique (s lift, deep plane, smas, thread, short scar, etc), numbness of the skin, cheek, neck, and ear may … Continue reading »

Ear Lobe Repair: Plastic Surgery or Injection?

Torn Ear Lobe A very common plastic surgery procedure (perhaps even #1) is ear lobe repair surgery for people who have stretched out, torn, or split their earlobes. A popular television show in the northern Virginia and Maryland area recently did a segment for those who love to wear big earrings. Big, heavy earrings may stretch out the earlobes gradually over time. The show demonstrated a woman in her 30’s who loves to wear jewelry, especially big hoop earrings. Gradually with time, her ear lobe started to split and she was concerned about completely tearing through the ear. Even before … Continue reading »

Ointment after Surgery to Reduce Scars: Best to Prevent Scarring?

Many company’s ointments and creams claim to reduce scarring after plastic surgery, injury, scratches, or cuts. Unfortunately, there isn’t much well-done scientific research to support those claims. So how does one pick the best ointment to prevent scars? First, speak with your Washington DC facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist and follow their advice.Several studies have suggested that any occlusive dressing on an incision or surgical site will improve the final scar by about 33%. Redness, swelling, and cosmetic appearance of the incision generally looks better by merely covering up the surgical site with something. Years ago, the general idea was … Continue reading »

Nasal Care after Rhinoplasty Surgery or Septoplasty

The nose and septum are understandably sensitive after rhinoplasty surgery. Variable nasal swelling typically occurs both on the outside and inside of the nose, with cosmetic nasal surgery or septoplasty for deviated nasal septum. To help with healing in the recovery period, a post-operative care regimen of nasal cleaning is critical. Nasal care helps keep the nose clean, moist, and reduces rhinoplasty swelling. One is unlikely to disrupt the rhinoplasty surgeon’s delicate work on the nose with the cleaning; however, rhinoplasty patients must be gentle! Maryland rhinoplasty surgeons typically ask their patients to start rinsing the nose with regular saline … Continue reading »

Finding the Best Plastic Surgeon for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Good plastic surgeons are not just in Beverly Hills or New York City. The best cosmetic specialists can be found all over the world. Top surgeons performing plastic surgery have a range of training backgrounds and professional interests. Some plastic surgeons specialize in breast augmentation, while others perform exclusively face lift surgery. Maryland patients seeking plastic surgery should do their homework before deciding on cosmetic surgery. For example, Maryland rhinoplasty surgery patients are encouraged to visit at least 2 rhinoplasty surgeons in their area to perform a comprehensive evaluation. The rhinoplasty surgeon will often perform computer simulation surgery to show … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.