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Rhinoplasty: Allergies affect Results?

I rub my nose a lot from allergies. Can this affect my rhinoplasty results? Patients undergoing rhinoplasty surgery (nose job) should not be sneezing, rubbing, or wrinkling their nose after cosmetic surgery. Rhinitis, swelling of the internal nose, may be from allergies or irritants. Patients should have rhinitis controlled as much as possible before the elective, cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery. A combination of once daily nasal saline irrigation and nasal steroid spray should help reduce nasal irritation. Another option is to have Botox cosmetic injected into the “bunny” lines of the nose. Botox will relax those nasal muscles, and may prevent … Continue reading »

Computer Imaging in Plastic Surgery

Are the pictures on the plastic surgeon’s website real??? It depends on the website & the surgeon. Photographs and images on websites should be properly labeled as actual patients or models. Photographs, either online or in-person, may be misleading, due to variations in lighting, patient position, photo angle, camera, makeup, or computer manipulation. It is relatively easy to simulate plastic surgery on the computer. Simple digital imaging software can provide before and after pictures of plastic surgery. Some surgeons simulate surgery with patients in-person, while some plastic surgeons recommend a followup appointment to review computer imaging. Anyone considering facial plastic … Continue reading »

Brow Lift: Augmentation Too?

Does Brow Lift surgery augment the Eyebrow? No. Some patients may think brow lift surgery requires placing material into the forehead and brow area to augment or fill the eyebrow. Typical cosmetic brow lift surgery does not need any fillers. Endoscopic brow lift surgery does not augment the forehead, rather this cosmetic surgery lifts and repositions the eyebrow into a more youthful position. Temporary implants or suture material may be used to help hold the forehead and eyebrow in its new position, but these type of implants do not augment. Forehead augmentation or cranioplasty normally requires more exposure, which is … Continue reading »

Med Spa: Permanent Injectable Fillers

Just say no. I would not recommend any permanent injectable filler anywhere in the face. Remember, your face and skin continue to change over time, and permanent injectable fillers will become visible over time. These permanent fillers cannot be removed. Cosmetic injections should be natural. The best natural injectable filler with potential for long-term results is your own fat. Fat injections may be permanent, but can also be modified as needed. Long term cosmetic results are better achieved with surgery. Facial plastic surgery has become less invasive with faster recovery times. Speak to your cosmetic surgeon for the latest in … Continue reading »

Septoplasty: Throat Infection?

Deviated septum is very common. Estimates of 80% of all adults have a deviated septum. Not everyone with a deviated septum is symptomatic or requires a septoplasty though. It is unlikely that deviated septum causes persistent throat infections. Deviated septum and nasal congestion may contribute to throat irritation, but it is not a major contributing factor. Usually patients have nasal obstruction from a deviated septum, swollen turbinates, allergies, and sinus problems. These patients are unable to breath through the nose during sleep. The nose should warm and humidify the air we breathe. As a result, the throat may feel dry … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.